About Us

Tigran d.o.o. is Recognized as the Business Architecture experts; we work together with your organaization to unlock the optimal business processes and IT alternatives for assured success.

Our products and solutions cover all aspects of the business architecture management lifecycle and empower customers by providing the assistance, knowledge and insight they need to dramatically improve business processes and deliver real business results.

We work very closely with clients on every project, starting with an in-depth analysis that leads to the discovery of the most effective tailored solution. From there we assure seamless implementation, optimization and improvement.

Whether you need limited help with your project or extensive help with a large-scale transformation program, Tigran is ready to provide the assistance and expertise whenever and wherever needed.

Value Proposition

Tigran understands that while most businesses in various market segments may appear to be similar there are vast differences in approach, structure and focus to maintain that all important competitive edge.

Our experience of working with various organizations has shown us time and time again that the best way to remain competitive and sustain a future-proof business is to remain aligned with the direction that your industry is moving in, maintaining a highly flexible and adaptable business architecture.

Tigran provides an in-depth, accurate and clear reflection of the components that make up your organizations business architecture, how they compare to market standards and how they can be improved to boost business results.

Tigran is committed to using and following industry standards and best practices to the maximum. Our wide range of products includes on-going comparative analysis with industry standards, enabling us to provide a powerful, ever-present reference, to your organization's day to day practices and real-life dilemmas.