Product Portfolio

  • Do you have an agreed definition of the business building blocks and terminology used throughout your enterprise?
  • Are management and business users aligned around a unified roadmap, investment optimization, time allocation and business target realization?
  • Does everyone in your organization have access to and an understanding of business processes, information technology building blocks and more?

We aim to deliver our clients with the maximum possible value by augmenting our tools with subject matter expertise and technical professionalism. Having invested in packaging and standardizing our expertise, tools and collaterals into unique prepackaged ATOOLS™ solutions, we assure the methodologies, software, experience-driven practices and skills that you are looking for.

Implementing an ATOOL package dramatically shortens implementation time and maximizes added-value for targeted transformation goals.

Each prepackaged ATOOL uses the entire spectrum of Tigran's offering to leverage a distinctive pragmatic roadmap that assists stakeholders with prioritization, budgeting, planning and delivery of highly-strategic business components.

ATOOLS™ modular products and services may be acquired as stand-alone solutions or as a combined offering.

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