ATConverge is aimed at expediting your convergence programs for multiple products, lines of business and/or multiple affiliates. There are various ways to achieve this convergence, from a unified product/service catalogue to a statement-consolidating mock-up. The exact implementation relies on the needs and constraints of each individual client.

ATConverge offers the optimal starting point, with:

  • Acceleration tools in the form of a pre-configured
    ATLooks Studio™ suite
  • A unique targeted verification process which has eliminated the need for "from scratch" interviews and heavy design sessions.
  • A team of experienced Tigran experts
  • Delivery of a rapid comparative analysis and compliancy report.
  • Utilization of our unique V2A™ Methodology to generate a quick as-is asset discovery across products, LOBs and affiliates.

Using Tigran's automatic comparison tools you will find out what is the distance between your as-is state and your soon to-be vision.