Processes and systems across business units and geographies vary in logic, nature, size, vendor and technology. When trying to achieve economies of scale, or standardizing maintenance and procurement it is extremely important to receive the correct view of both existing assets as well as operational considerations in each of the business units.

Whether you have a distributed organization across countries or lines of business, or are about to embark on an M&A process that will add new units to your structure – you need to understand the variances, inventory and alignment with overall corporate goals. This is carried out as part of the due diligence process, a post-merger activity – or both.

ATHarmony™ gives you a rapid analysis track that leaves you with an up-to-date, clear comparison based on a comparative-analysis engine.

For existing operations, we aim to consolidate processes and technologies, thereby facilitating vendor re-negotiation, work load distribution and the creation of centers-of-expertise based on business sense and not historical reasons. This is then used as the foundation for an operations continuity plan and disaster recovery planning.

If you have the similar capabilities in different places, you can offset workload and risk, while optimizing costs and utilization of internal resources.