ATLooks StudioTM

The Challenge

Many companies have to deal with hundreds of business processes, applications, interfaces, problems, issues and expectations. Together with new requirements and vendor-related issues, this highly-complex environment is required to support ongoing changes while maintaining existing business and protecting revenues. It is not surprising that 1000's of considerations must be maintained and managed throughout each and every initiative.

ATLooks Studio™ manages this information in a rational manner, allowing for impact analysis and migration planning of business initiatives, IT Solutions and the endless combinations that may arise.

Our Solution

ATLooks Studio™ is a unique Business & IT management and planning tool. This unified solution handles all lines of business, including business processes, IT packages and solutions, services, interfaces, major business entities and more.

ATLooks Studio™ connects parallel universes within the organization and creates a unified, well-managed and forward-looking plan that is both pragmatic and measurable. This transition is achieved through years of experience in the management and planning of specific business and IT areas of each of Tigran's clients, and by using the V2A Methodology.