ATOptimize™ is a unique optimization vehicle, designed and perfected to identify, review and track the optimization of the IT inventory and the business process framework. Thousands of applications have evolved over the past 10 years or so, and hundreds of business processes exist today. Tigran's tools can assist you in eliminating redundant costs, clearing the forest of the applications that are no-longer-required to streamline maintenance and upgrade costs.

Each ATOptimize™ project consists of the following phases:

  • Capture of relevant business architecture data (i.e. Applications, Processes)
  • Enrichment of the data with objective and subjective measures (i.e. costs, HR, upgradeability)
  • Optimization routing based on
    1. Global KPI's (i.e. change readiness, costs, industry benchmarks)
    2. Client specific needs (i.e. outdated technologies, costly maintenance)
    3. Specific organizational goals (i.e. vendor change, better customer service, architecture flexibility)
  • In the process, multiple simulations are made to allow the joint client - Tigran team to present multiple alternatives, based on different scenarios and needs
    1. Shortest time to results
    2. Smallest organizational impact
    3. Risk level desired (low risk obtained by calculated impact analysis on key elements)

    ATOptimize™ uses field-proven methodologies and technology. A visible and coherent alternative map is presented utilizing the V2A™ Methodology and a pre-configured, pre-loaded instance of the ATLooks Studio™ software.