V2A Methodology

V2A is a holistic practical methodology that analyzes, plans and aligns existing business architecture in extremely short timeframes. V2A addresses:

  • Organizational structure
  • Main business processes
  • Main IT solutions / components in use
  • Problems, issues and expectations relating to all of the above
  • Business drivers for the next 3-5 years

V2A offers benchmark elements that compare your organization with common standards relating to your industry to derive conclusions and recommendations based on similar moves made elsewhere in the world. This is achieved by mapping similar elements to a common, patent pending grid that includes a set of definitions addressing your business architecture. The Grid is client and vendor neutral, and thus the derived comparative analysis does not compromise the confidential nature of your business endeavors.

Tigran works together with the client on a phased approach, meaning that various elements of our methodology may be integrated into the corporate environment over a defined period of time. However, this does not replace the complete offering which assures clients the added value that their looking for.

Managing change takes time although initial positive results are crucial to gaining and maintaining momentum and trust. Ongoing deliverables however, do assist in binding the entire organization to longer term efforts and results. Tigran "fast track paths" are used to alleviate existing issues until longer-term deliverables are present by providing interim project deliverables, functional and IT shortcuts, re-integration of existing operational units / IT components etc.